Blėndn – Eclectic color-match journey

Blėndn is a puzzle game for iOS.  Download Blėndn from the App Store.

Is it a game, a toy, or a tool? A comedy, a tragedy, or a mystery? Discover the colorful (and at times goofy) world of Blėndn and take a journey through time: from the beginning of the universe to the not-so-distant future.

Blėndn doesn’t fit neatly in any single category, but it might be best described as a logic puzzle that uses colors instead of numbers. The first step of the puzzle is to discover how the puzzle works. Poke, prod, and experiment to discover the rules of the Blėndn universe. Don’t worry, you will get some clues along the way! The next step is to learn to control certain aspects of the puzzle environment to meet your goals. Next, use this power to hone your skills, adapt your strategies, and become a master of the puzzle. Use this mastery to discover a story of light and darkness, despair and prosperity, Man and machine.


With thoughtful designs and a clean and uncomplicated interface, Blėndn is a new kind of puzzle with endless replay value. Those who like a challenge and want to earn every step will especially enjoy this game. There are no handouts here; everything you earn can be lost if you are negligent. If you are seeking a challenge with deep layers of story and mystery, Blėndn will scratch the itch that you can’t get from flashy crush or “everybody’s a winner” games.

Blėndn can be played in quick, 15-second intervals, or for hours at a time. The responsive interface means no loading screens – just play!

Although not created specifically for the classroom, Blėndn is also a great tool to reinforce lessons on color theory, logic, and abstract literature for students of all ages. Use Blendn in your classroom to give students a truly unique challenge that is also fun. Blėndn provides statistics on performance for the entire game, so students can challenge each other in real-time. Teachers can review certified performance of students; there is no “gaming the system” of this game: what you see is how you performed! Perfect for assessing the tech-savvy student that might have a few tricks up their sleeve! Students of any age will find this enjoyable, and your younger students may actually be better than your older students!

Once you discover how to work the “puzzle” you will find yourself sharing what you have discovered with friends – and spending challenging but fun-filled hours creating the perfect circumstances for you to prevail against the encroaching darkness…

No purchase required to experience the entire app: this app is totally free, and there are no ads. If you choose to save time (Blėndn is great on your commute!), you can purchase points via in-app purchases. All features are attainable without the purchase of any in-app purchases or the viewing of any advertisements.